it’s the new technology of the Ubisoft cloud

Ubisoft Scalar is Ubisoft’s next step into the future. A newly created development environment that harnesses the power of the cloud for games of the future. It is not a new graphics engine. This is not a video game streaming system. It is a tool on which they want to create the open worlds of the future.

Few developers in the video game industry have been able to create massive worlds like Ubisoft. Every title in the company starts from the same pattern, and the truth is that each surpasses the previous one. If there are richer or denser open worlds, Ubisoft’s formula works.

However, the evolution of the gamer industry, and especially integrating games as a service into the industry standard, reduce the size of traditional development tools. And the limitation of the current hardware also poses a limitation for the developer when creating these worlds.

This is precisely the problem that Ubisoft seems to have solved. The company showcased a new cloud-based development environment at GDC Ubisoft Scalar that gives developers the ability to create richer, more powerful worlds by breaking down the barriers of current physical hardware. Or at least, on paper.

Ubisoft Scalar is not a new game engine, nor a streaming service

Ubisoft Scalar is not a development engine. It is an environment in which, taking advantage of current drivers, such as snowfall Where Anvil, offers greater flexibility and development power by using the power of the cloud.