It’s Xiaomi’s most advanced washing machine, and you’re going to want to have it

The new MIJIA 10KG front-loading washing machine raises the bar for Xiaomi home appliances, now with smart functions, advanced connectivity and the classic minimalist and elegant design… For only 242 euros!

A new device has arrived in the Xiaomi catalog, and this time it will be time to pay attention to it because the Haidian giant has taken it up a notch with this MIJIA 10KG front loading washing machine which is already its most advanced washing machinestarting from the already traditional minimalist design that is the DNA of the manufacturer but adding a High quality construction and many smart features designed to convince.

In fact, it’s because the colleagues from GizmoChina presented it to us a few days ago, telling us directly that this front loading washing machine with a huge capacity up to 10 kilos of clothing gifts very important developments in a growing industrywhere connectivity and AI are becoming increasingly important.

MIJIA 10KG Front Loading Washing Machine

That’s how stylish the new MIJIA 10KG front-loading washing machine is, Xiaomi’s most advanced washing machine.

To begin with, in the new MIJIA 10KG front loading washing machine, we will find a direct-drive motor reduces operating noise, improving home comfort during washing programs. And not only that, but also Xiaomi’s high-performance washing machine you can sterilize clothes and eliminate dust mites with high temperatures of up to 95 degrees centigrade, also adding 23 washing modes with smart features.

Xiaomi presents its new MIJIA 10KG front-loading washing machine in China, a large capacity device with an elegant design and advanced functions that is already available for a price of 1,699 yuan (about 242 euros in exchange).

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This is the MIJIA 10KG Front Loading Washing Machine and that’s all it offers

As we mentioned earlier, the most outstanding feature of this device is its 48 pole high efficiency direct drive motor, also equipped with intelligent algorithms capable of improving washing and reducing device noise. These types of motors are stronger and more durable, and also have a High efficiency and more precise control than belt drive motorsto improve the quality of washing and the fineness of treatment of our clothes.

Thus, the new MIJIA 10KG front-loading washing machine has up to 23 intelligent washing modes, with one specific to take care of wool and another for sterilization that uses water temperatures of up to 95 degrees centigrade. in these ways 16 will be available from the panel of the washing machine itself, together with other 7 modes exclusive to Mijia Appwhich allows you to control and program the washes, being able to adjust many parameters depending on the clothes that we have to wash.

MIJIA 10KG Front Loading Washing Machine

Not in vain, from Xiaomi they even boast that its wool washing method is certified Institutional HVACensuring that it keeps the wool fluffy and soft after washing, restoring the fabric’s natural suppleness.

They also say in the promotional material for the device that sterilization is effective up to 99.99%with a huge capacity of up to 10 kilograms of clothing and an operating sound level lower than ambient street noise, with Quiet washes up to 50 decibels.

Regarding connectivity, as we mentioned has Wi-Fi and is able to connect to the platform IoT by Xiaomiwith reminders and notifications from the washing machine itself reminding us of the wash and its completion.

MIJIA 10KG Front Loading Washing Machine

It is already available in China, but unfortunately we have no news of an international landing.

MIJIA 10KG Front Loading Washing Machine Price and Launch

As for its availability, as you will see in the images, it can only be purchased in white, being already available in China since March 22 with immediate shipments.

Its price will surprise, and it is certainly does not conform to similar washers from other manufacturers nor with its high-quality construction and the amount of features it implements. In fact, it is that it costs 1,479 yuan (about 211 euros), with a recommended price of 1,699 yuan (242 euros at the current exchange rate).

Absolutely stunning… Or not? Bring it quickly to Spain and Latin America!

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