Jada Pinkett’s Alopecia Could Be Treated With Arthritis Drug

After Chris Rock’s Misplaced Jada Pinkett Joke at the 2022 Oscar gala, the alopecia areata it has become a condition well known to the general public. However, before the viral slap in the face of Will Smith scientists knew full well what it was and tried to find treatments to alleviate it. In fact, that same Saturday they were published in The New England Journal of Medicine the results of a clinical trial in which the effectiveness against this type of alopecia of a drug usually used to fight against rheumatoid arthritis: the baricitinib.

In fact, both alopecia areata and rheumatoid arthritis are autoimmune diseases. That is, the patient’s immune system confuse and attacks the normal structures of his own body. In the case of arthritis, it turns against the joints, while with alopecia, those who suffer the consequences are the hair follicles, from which the hair grows. If there is no follicle, there is no hair.

Therefore, despite having very different symptoms, the origin of the two conditions is so similar that it could be treated with the same medicine. At least that’s what the leaders of this recent study, from Yale University, think. They decided to start a clinical trial, which has now completed its phase III with very good results, so that the treatment could soon also be available for alopecia. Who knows? maybe yours Jada Pinket could be treated with this substance.

Prevent the immune system from attacking what it shouldn’t

Baricitinib, marketed by the company Eli Lilly under the trade name Olumiantis an inhibitor of Janus Kinases. They are proteins involved in the regulation of gene expression in different body systems, including the immune.

We have seen that inhibitors of these proteins can dampens the immune responsewithout turning it off completely. This is useful for patients with autoimmune diseases, as they are not totally at the mercy of the pathogens, but the effects of this erroneous response from their defenses are reduced.