James Webb took his first clear photo of a star

Already arrived at destination, James Webb lined up her mirrors and grabbed her first picture of a star totally sharp. This is a step that adds to the long list of achievements of this space telescope, which has not stopped bringing us good news since its launch on December 25, 2021.

This is not a telescope to use. The James Webb is the largest ever launched into space. So much so that no rocket could have propelled it ready to run. So we had to do a little space origami and bend it so that each of the pieces that compose it opened during their journey to the Lagrangian point 2.

It arrived at its destination on January 24, already fully deployed. However, he still had adjust both your mirrors and your instruments. He started with the first one, lining up all those optical parts that will allow him to take images of places the human eye couldn’t reach otherwise. This part is already finished and, according to what they assure POT, everything went perfectly. Indeed, as a picture is worth a thousand words, the space agency attached to the news the first photo of a star taken by James Webb. And, of course, he looks great.

The Long Journey of James Webb

During her month-long voyage, the James Webb gradually rolled out her gigantic mirrors, solar panels and, in general, each of its component parts.

Finally he arrived at his destination, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, and has been orbiting the L2 point for nearly two months. But since this January 24, 6 months of adjustment of its mirrors and its instruments were planned.