Japanese minister surprises Chile’s president with his favorite Pokémon


Poke Balls

Gabriel Boric is the youngest president in the history of Chile and is already known to everyone as the “millennial” president. The Chilean has always been very active on social media, especially on Twitter, where he expressed his tastes more than once on subjects related to geek culture and video games. That’s why Japanese Foreign Minister Kiyoshi Odawara decided to attend a meeting with his favorite Pokémon.

The president’s reaction to the unexpected gift

It is clear that, for years, Pokémon has become a worldwide success and the Japanese could not be more proud of it. This time the demonstration came from Japan’s foreign minister, who visited the Latin American country this week to meet the new president. The surprise came when, already during the official meeting, Odawara gave him a gift containing a Poké Ball with Squirtle.

It is no coincidence that the Minister chose this Pokémon, but Boric had already clarified on Twitter a few months ago that he always chose Squirtle to start his adventure as a coach. It’s not the first time he’s spoken about the Nintendo franchise, but he recently commented that he’s played Pokémon GO and is an expert on Pokémon Yellow, one of the first titles in the saga. .

As expected, this gift was received with great enthusiasm by Boric, who did not hesitate to share a video of his reaction via Twitter to thank the Japanese minister for the gesture. Undoubtedly, a very curious detail in the case of an international meeting, but… who wouldn’t be excited?

Source: Screenrant