Jim Carrey plans to retire from acting

jim carrey he would give up his acting career to enjoy a quiet life. The interpreter of Ace Ventura, The mask and Sonic confessed in an interview that plans to retire from actingalthough it does not close to a final film.

Go to Hollywood asked Carrey if he’d like to be Dolly Parton’s musical partner in his new biopic. The actor confessed that he admired the American singer, but was about to say goodbye to him.

“It’s lovely, but I’m about to retire. Probably,” replied Jim Carrey, who assured that he was serious. The comedian left the door open for one last project, but it would have to be something he considers very important.

Depends. If the angels bring me some kind of script written in gold ink that tells me it’s going to be very important for people to see it, I could go on, but I’ll take a break.

The interview was published yesterday, so Carrey’s words can’t be considered an april fool.