JK Simmons talks about the season 2 premiere

Of the many series we’re enjoying throughout 2021, invincible could well stand out in the ranking of the best. Amazon Prime Video’s animated production, based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, has received more than positive reception from critics and audiences, raising high expectations for its release. Second Season, which is already confirmed. However, new episodes won’t see the light soon.

In recent months, doubts have intensified over the premiere of the second season of invincible. The reason? This month marks one year since the premiere of the first. Many expected that, like many other series, a year would pass before they could enjoy the new chapters. The problem is that we are still going through a pandemic and production times have changed in film and television.

In an interview with Talk about cinema, JK Simmonswho lends his voice to omni manshared some details about the current status of invincibleseason 2. Although he did not want to delve into narrative matters, he announced that is about to start her first session in the recording booth. This, on the one hand, indicates that the series is still progressing, but is still far from over. In fact, the actor himself said there was “many months” of delay between the voice recording process and the making of the animation. The second is the most complex and time-consuming of all.

“I will always be wary of spoilers, but I think I can say we’ll be back to work in the recording booth very soon. Now the time frame between us making our first recordings and completing the animation is obviously several months, probably more than a year, I suppose. But if, invincible is seriously underway and the second season is just around the corner,” the actor said.

the second season of invincible will he wait until 2023?

With the panorama provided by JK Simmons, we can get used to the idea that the second season of invinciblein the best case, it will arrive in the last months of 2022. However, it is better to be realistic and not be surprised if Amazon decides to launch it. see you next year.