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All the secrets, details and curiosities of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer

If they had told me a few days ago that Kingdom Hearts I was going to have a new numbered delivery before the end of the week, I would have said it’s impossible. However, the reality is different, since it has been seen because it is already official: Kingdom Hearts 4 has been announced.

In this way, once again, we will get back in hand to control sorathe quintessential protagonist of this story that we last saw in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memoriesspin-off title that had something of a trick, since the one we were really controlling was kairiwhat shows Sora is the last in Kingdom Hearts: Re:Mind.

It is precisely for this reason that after a third episode that left several mixed reviews, the story of sora continued now in Quadratumthe world he found himself in after searching kairi and where we saw that heartless have arrived as seen in the reveal trailer:

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Kingdom Hearts 4 will take us to new worlds

It should be noted that, despite the fact that the first glimpse of kingdom hearts 4 not be very long, yes it’s true that they could see all kinds of details, secrets and curiosities in this trailer, allowing us to observe lots of things to consider.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately Twitterwhere some of you may already know that I usually upload this type of content in relation to trailers of games and sagas that i dominate. And just under that same premise, today it’s the turn of kingdom hearts 4.

In this way, below I will give all kinds of data and details that were seen in the trailer, so you can get a broader context than what’s shown. Of course, before continuing, I want to clarify that I also recommend taking a look at the thread of the colleague of 3DGames, Rachel Cervantesas well as keep an eye on Dani Agudo’s channel because in both of them everything mentioned is expanded upon and much more.

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Let us come to the first important detail, since, as the end of the trailer, Kingdom Hearts it puts an end to the typeface and lettering style as we have known it for 20 years. It’s a curious change to say the least, since in the trailer itself Kingdom Hearts: missing link we see that the letters already known are maintained.

We’ll have to see what the reason for this design decision is, but if we take into account that the fourth episode would take place in a new universe for the franchise in which there will be nothing known so far, it is understood that this new logo reflects this same change.

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2. A New Bow

He is known to many fans of Kingdom Hearts that all games released to date fall under what is known as the Dark Seeker Bowwhich emphasizes having Xehanorth as the main antagonist.

Thus, after the denouement of this character in kingdom hearts 3 and with the construction of a new villain through Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts Union Xthis new installment would give rise to bow in which the master of masters would be the new antagonist.

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3. Sora’s Solitude Symbology

It should be noted that in kingdom hearts 3 the struggle between light and darkness was symbolized by a chessboard with which Eraqus and Xehanort They played when they were young. In this way, the coin you see in the image above symbolizes sorawho stands alone on a raised platform.

This is just one use of symbologysince we know that it is currently lost in another universe, so the next installments will focus on his return. And it’s reflected in that same chess piece with no one else around.

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4. New Outfit and Sleeping Sora

It must be said that I made a small mistake, since, despite the fact that the costume that we saw in the trailer looks very similar to the one seen in kingdom hearts 3the truth is that it has some differences that make it much more realistic.

In this way, despite the fact that everything indicates that it will not be final, since nomura tends to save it for later, we can see which one we could take away at the start of the game.

Also, it’s worth noting that the trailer begins with sleeping sora. This is something very common in the saga, since it was possible to see this character start the previous numbered episodes like this:

Kingdom Hearts 1: Waking up on the beach with a start after the Heart Descent tutorial.

kingdom hearts 2: Locked in a dome to recover memory.

kingdom hearts 3: Here is a kind of trap, from the intro of this title that we have in Kingdom Hearts: 2.8, where Sora was in the dream world.

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5. Sora’s Feet

An Internet meme has always been the colossal size of the feet of sora, leading to seeing these yellow or black shoes as something uncomfortable to wear. However, it has also led many to speculate that Sora has colossal feet.

Finally, the 20th anniversary gives us the first glimpse of this part of her body, which isn’t that she’s huge in size, but she’s quite tall. It was almost not necessary to make a raft out of such barges.

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To the surprise of those most familiar with the saga’s canon and lore, the new trailer doesn’t just introduce us sora as a well-known non-Disney character, but is also seen Strelitziaa character belonging to Kingdom Hearts Union Xthe mobile title whose main protagonists were the lion’s teeth after Keyblade War.

It must be said that there are many points and secrets to keep in mind around Strelitziasince it is speculated and theorized that she was the star he spoke with Sora in the final world from kingdom hearts 3 Yes rikku in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories.

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7. The importance of numbers

During all these games, it was possible to see how the symbology is essential in Kingdom Hearts leading with that to what there is two digits coming out more than the others, these being 7 and 13. In this way, in the trailer, specifically in the video with English subtitles, you can read that Sora was born 7 days ago.

8. Origin of the Dark Side

In contrast, in the trailer for kingdom hearts 4 can be seen as a Heartlesswhich would apparently be Dark side, appears from a sphere of darkness in the sky. It’s something typical of that Heartlesssince it’s exactly the same thing you did in Fate Islandsduring the first Kingdom Hearts.

9. The New Dark Side Design

On the other hand, it must be said that Dark side he changed some details, while keeping others. As you can see in the tweet above, this enemy’s feet, with their heels up and resting on their toes, remain, but their head has completely changed to look more like Invisible.

It should be noted that these are pure heartless of Kingdom Hearts is the way to catalog the Heartless that we were mass-produced by Xehanorth when i experienced Radiant Garden / Hollow Bastion. The way to tell them apart is that they don’t have the heartless symbol.

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10. Return of old mechanics

On the other hand, in the trailer we can see what appears to be a fragment of the gameplay of kingdom hearts 4the proof being that he is present Interface. It is here that we can see how some mechanical returnstarting with the Parkour which started in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and which evolved with a way of using the Keyblade like a hook.

Additionally, the command menu and health bar remain static as in all previous titles, as well as the magic bar for time that we have since Kingdom Hearts II. Besides all this, there is also the old barwhich, as you can see below, will be used for special moves.

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11. No Consoles Confirmed

On the other hand, it should be noted that It’s unclear which consoles Kingdom Hearts 4 will be destined forthat’s why at a specific moment in the trailer we can see how sora performs a special move, which usually indicates button to press.

As you can see in the image above, the corresponding symbol has been removed, so we can only see the button, but not the console it belongs to. That’s why it’s expected that for now we have to be patient to find out what console will it be on East kingdom hearts 4.

12. The resemblance to Noctis and Yozora

Being quite brief at this point, it was possible to see how social media was filled with Sora’s New Look Comparisonswho puts his spiky hair aside to look more like the characters he likes to design nomura.

In this way, the resemblance is found with both Yozorawho stars in the fictional video game Verum Rex and that we could see in the secret ending of kingdom hearts 3 as well as a character to defeat in its DLC, as well as with Noctisprotagonist of Final Fantasy XV.

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13. Possible New Villains

Towards the end of the trailer, we can see how the fight enters Sora and the Heartless is observed by two mysterious characters who use the classic trench coat of Kingdom Hearts. Under this premise, it should be noted that both present great visual and aesthetic differencessince you can see that the one on the left has a design consistent with everything seen so far.

However, the one on the right is somewhat different, since it currently presents a peak on the hood different, because more closed, at the same time as her skirt is more closed. This would imply that it could be a somewhat older figure. To doMaybe the Master of Masters?

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14. Donald and Goofy

We come to the end point with Donald and Goofy, who close the caravan when they are apparently attacked by a strange figure who seems to have control of the fire. It must be said that these two would be looking for someone (we do not know if it is the same one who attacks them).

Also, entering the realm of speculation, it is said that this character could be hadesthe God of the Underworld and classic villain of the saga because the world of Hercules It was the most used in the franchise by Disney.