Kingdom Hearts will have its own Tamagotchi: models, prices and more


Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi: Dark Mode and Light Mode

Today, March 28, is the 20 years the launch of the first video game Kingdom Hearts In Japan. To celebrate its anniversary, the title was born from the collaboration of Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios announced the launch of its own tamagotchi. We tell you when they can be purchased, their price and more details.

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi: Models, Prices and More Details

at the beginning of the year, Bandai NamcoEntertainment already announced the collaboration of demon slayer with Tamagotchi. Today we learned that this won’t be the company’s only saga to do so, but Kingdom Hearts has announced that it will also have its own video game-inspired Tamagotchi.

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi will feature two light and dark inspired designs: Dark mode and light mode. These two models will be available in Japan in October 2022 and its price will be 2,530 yen, an amount equivalent to 18 euros.

Like the Demon Slayer models, the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi will follow the line of Tamagotchi Nano. This means they will be monochrome, simple and smaller than the usual Tamagotchi models.

Players will be able to grow the most emblematic characters of the saga like Roxas, Xion, Axel, Aqua or Goofy, as well as different special versions of sora like the one inspired by Halloween. In addition, their food will consist of typical food from the saga such as pao pu fruit and the Mini games they will also take place in the franchise’s video games.

At this time, we don’t know if Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi will be available in the West, but if you live in Japan you can book one until May 5. In addition, until April 11, there is an open vote to choose the two characters that will be added to those already confirmed so far.

Source: Siliconera