Kirby’s enemy who was banished by a Konami character



Kirby is one of this month’s featured characters and he’s just landed on Nintendo Switch with his new installment Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This video game was one of the highlights of the last Nintendo Direct of September 2021 and was received with open arms by all fans of this beloved franchise.

The arrival of a new Kirby title is the perfect time to take a look at the large collection of video games the pink ball has played in throughout its life. Since the release of Kirby Superstar for SNES there have been many changes within this franchise, among which even some characters ended up being totally banned. This is the case of the enemy Capsule J, which appeared for the first and only time in this first Kirby game.

Capsule J It was one of the enemies that could be found in Kirby Super Star, it was replaced in Kirby Super Star Ultra by the J2 capsule, the main reason being its physical appearance. Capsule J was very similar to Konami’s character, Twinbee, which was well known and appreciated at the time. To avoid any kind of conflict, Nintendo decided to change the Kirby character to an upgraded version, which appears to have a helmet on top covering its head.


CapsuleJ and Twinbee

While some gamers don’t know who Twinbee is or his video games, it was one of Konami’s most important franchises. So much so that even in the mid-90s it managed to have its own anime adaptation in the form of a short film and an OVA series. It also had several manga and was even featured in other popular epic games.

The return of the pink balloon with Kirby and the Forgotten Country

With so many games behind it, the Kirby franchise has proven to be one of Nintendo’s most beloved. Over the years we have seen Kirby face different situations and many enemies, which we will be able to see again in this new game for Switch. Thanks to the trailer, players have already been able to discover the different ways in which the pink ball can transform into Kirby and the Forgotten Country, one of the most striking novelties of this new opus.

This new Kirby game was launched on the market on March 25 in exclusive for nintendo switch. Through the Nintendo eShop, you can download the demo for free to learn more about the game and find out if you really want to share the adventures of the popular and beloved pink ball.

Source: VGfacts