Kirby’s form is the reason it took so long to adapt to 3D

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available on Nintendo Switch. Today, March 25, the Ballon Rose franchise is back with its first part in 3D after 30 years of history. For this reason, some members of HAL Laboratory, the game’s developer, gave an interview to tell how the process went and what problems they encountered throughout the development.

Kirby too round for 3D

Kirby seemed like a great candidate to play in a 3D game, as his main actions are based on jump and float. However, there was a problem: its completely round shape. Kamiyama, director of the project, explained that “the first challenge was that the design of Kirby did not correspond to the game in full 3D. Kirby’s figure is perfectly round. When you control it from behind it can be hard to tell with the naked eye in which direction is he looking”.

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Considering this, the developers considered such options as introducing a The arrow to indicate where Kirby was pointing, but it was a remedy that did not convince them. Therefore, the solution they used was to create a system where Kirby’s position was taken into account to define a rank where to attack. If an enemy is within this range, then the attack will work even if we are not aiming for its exact position.

The automatic camera It is another of the mechanisms that helps to determine the position of Kirby, since it shows all the points to which we must go. In addition, the paths are marked with colored bands pointing the way.

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As they began translating gameplay mechanics like spit, inhale, or jump from 2D to 3D, they also noted that they did not match correctly. Because of this, they had to find a way to keep the gaming experience satisfying. To do this, they have introduced new functions such as the blurred landingwhich facilitates the jump even if the players misjudge the distance, or the transmorphosisan ability that allows Kirby to change shape by sucking in large objects.

Source: Nintendo