LAPSUS$ reportedly releases source code stolen from Bing and Cortana

New evidence suggests that The Microsoft LAPSUS$ Hack Really Happened. In the past few hours, the hacker group leaked around 37GB of files that were allegedly stolen from the Redmond company’s servers. among the same some Bing and Cortana source code would be includedamong other services.

As published BeepComputerMonday night, hackers released a 9GB 7Zip file allegedly containing more than 250 Microsoft projects. Those who have had access to it say that once unzipped, you have access to the nearly 40 GB of data mentioned at the beginning of this article.

According to the analysis carried out by various cybersecurity specialists, the information published seems legitimate. In fact, it is mentioned that the leak not only includes what is apparently 90% of Bing’s source code and around 45% of Cortana and Bing Maps; it would also include internal documentation and emails regarding engineers at the Redmond company.

An important point to note is that, regardless of the significance of the leaked data itself, nothing related to Microsoft desktop software would have been compromised. This means that between files nothing related to the source code of products such as Windows or Office is found.

Information published by LAPSUS$ would be limited to projects related to mobile applications, websites and other web infrastructure. In any case, it is not known if the group of hackers could have compromised more information of the company led by Satya Nadella.