“Location unavailable, no disk access, denied…” error when trying to open a drive/folder

Access deniedGood time!

Sometimes when opening a folder or disk (more often with external drives) – you may encounter an access denied error (allegedly the location is not available, an example of the error is shown in the screenshot below 👇).

As a rule, this error (if not related to disk failure) is quite easy to resolve – literally 3-4 minutes. (However, some users even often resort to disk formatting and data loss, instead of “fine” tuning…). In fact, for the sake of “safeguarding” this data, this rating will be… 😉

To note: all the actions below in the note are performed under the administrator account! To see which accounts are in your Windows (and if your account is an administrator) – press the combination Win + Rand enter the window “Course” order netplwiz (a window with the necessary information will then appear).


Actions in order


📌first of allpay attention to the error – is there a note that “The file or folder is corrupt…”? (in my case, no 👇). It’s just that there is another similar error, and the reasons for its appearance are somewhat different …

If you have a note about “damage…” – read this note 👉, if not – go further…

Sample Problem - Location Not Available

Sample Problem – Location Not Available



📌Secondlyopen disk management (in Windows 10/11, just right click Start to do this)and see if the disk is shown there, if it works (if you have a “problem” with the folder, then look at the disk it is on anyway!).

If everything is “OK” you should see something similar to what I have in the screenshot below. 👇

Disk Management - check that disks are defined, letters are assigned to them

Disk Management – check that disks are defined, letters are assigned to them

If the disc (flash drive) does not show up in Disk Management (or there is no notification that it is working) – try reconnecting it to the PC. If that doesn’t help, read the note on 👉What to do when the computer doesn’t see the drive…

Try reconnecting to another USB port

Try reconnecting to another USB port



📌Thirdlyopen Properties problematic disk volumes (right click on the volume to bring up the menu…) and in the tab “Service” check the disk for errors. As a rule, such verification does not take much time. See the example in the images below. 👇

Disk properties - check

Disk properties – check

Check for errors

Check for errors



Now the main thing…

Again, you have to go 📌 to disk management, right click on the problematic volume and open it Properties. Then go to the tab “Security” and press the button “Change” (this will allow us to grant permissions to the current PC user).

To note: if you have a problem with a specific folder (and not with a disk), then open its properties in the same way.

Disk properties - security - modification

Disk properties – security – modification

Then you need to click on the button “Add” – in the window that appears, click on “Additionally” (see arrow-2 on the screen below 👇).

Then click on the “Search” button, among the users found, select your administrator account (usually it is the first in the list) and click OK. The entire procedure is shown in the composite screenshot below. 👇

Finding and Adding an Admin User

Finding and Adding an Admin User

You will now have another user in the permissions window – your account… 👌 Click “OK” again.

A new user has appeared

A new user has appeared

Immediately after that, a window should appear “Windows Security. Configuring security for…” – within 5-10 minutes. settings will be applied…

Security facility

Security facility

Immediately after that, you can open Explorer (Win + E) and open the desired disk (folder). Everything should work! 👇😉

Disc open...

Disc open…


Additions and other recommendations are welcome in the comments!

Good luck!