Maisie Williams and her resentment towards Arya Stark (“Game of Thrones”)

There were several actors who, thanks to their participation in Game Of ThronesThey boosted their careers. This is the case of Maisie Williamswho gave life to the legendary arya stark, a character who survived until the controversial end of the series. Although many may believe that the actress has a particular affection for said character during all the time she played her, this belief is far from reality.

In an interview with British GCMaisie Williams confessed that he ended up resenting Arya Stark. The reason? His work on the HBO series coincided with his pubertya stage that I couldn’t express through character.

“I think when I first started being a woman, I resented Arya because I couldn’t express what I was becoming. Then my body bothered me too, because it wasn’t aligned with the part of me that the world was celebrating.”

In October 2019, shortly after finishing the final season of Game Of ThronesMaisie Williams revealed to fashion What he came to be ashamed of his body because of the characterization of his character.

“My character was constantly dressed as a boy, with very short hair and always covered in dust. Also, they darkened my nose to make it look wider and give me a more masculine look. In addition to all this, they put me in a kind of girdle so that no one would notice that my breasts were getting bigger. I don’t know, it was horrible to be like that for six months of the year. For a while I was a little ashamed of my body.

Despite the fact that Maisie Williams’ words could be interpreted as contempt for Arya Stark and the scene she experienced in the production, the actress specifies that she appreciated it. This, yes, It’s not something I miss living. “I look at him with a lot of love and a lot of pride. But…why would he want to make me sad about the greatest thing that ever happened to me? I don’t want to associate that with feelings of pain.”

British GC took advantage of the moment to ask Maisie Williams if she would be willing to play Arya Star again. The actress said that while this doesn’t close the door to another opportunity, “It would have to be at the right time and with the right people”.

As of now, however, there’s been no indication that HBO has plans to create another series involving Arya Stark. The production company’s efforts focus on The dragon housethe first spin-off of Game Of Thrones which airs August 21 on HBO Max. Its story takes place approximately 200 years before the events of the main series and focuses on House Targaryens.

Now it’s a fact that the company will produce several spin-offs in the future. Some of them may be considering Maisie Williams’ return to the universe created by George RR Martin.