Make no mistake, 64 GB is no longer enough for your mobile


Today, 64 GB of storage is not enough for your mobile. We explain why

When looking for a new phone, we usually focus on features such as screen, cameras, battery, design or price. It is important for us to know if the device will look great in broad daylight or if the battery will last all day with our daily use. Taking good pictures or having good sound are usually other aspects to highlight for us but, what about storage?

can fall into the trap of thinking 16GB is a lot of storage for our mobile. We may think that we don’t save as many photos, listen to as much music or have as many files on our mobile, but we would be surprised the space they can occupy. For example, in my old Xiaomi Mi A1, we find 3 GB of photos, 1.4 GB of music, 6.6 GB of games and 20 GB of applications. Adding that we find the problem, 25 GB of files on our mobile.

We then try to find solutions like free up space on our mobile but space is always a headache for our mobile phones.

Android Storage

Android Storage

For context, if we have a mobile for example with Android 10assumes that the system files occupy the following space:

  • lgv60: 28 GB
  • OnePlus 7T: 27 GB
  • Pixel 4XL: 25 GB
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: 20.4 GB
  • OnePlus 8 Pro: 20 GB
  • Galaxy S10: 19 GB
  • Pixel 3a: 15 GB

This used space, for example, is more than that used by operating systems such as Windows 10. In a 64 GB phone, it is a 30 percent of available space. If we add apps, games or download movies, we ran out of space.

No, 64GB is not enough storage space

Nowadays, we have many files saved in the cloud. We may think that uploading our photos and videos to Google Photos or alternative applications is going to be the solution to our problems, but if we go on a trip, we like to download series to watch them offline, YouTube videos or even music .

Miui storage before and after download

Xiaomi Mi 9 storage. On the left, before downloading. Right, after downloading.

As we can see in the image above, we show a example of storage before and after certain downloads. Apps have a big impact on device storage, at 40GB (considering multiple games installed). The system, Miui, 11 GB.

what if download videos from youtube? Imagine that we are going on a trip. For example, we downloaded podcasts and videos from YouTube to watch during the trip.

As we can see from the image above, the storage is increasing significantly. In our case, it was about a 12GB increase by downloading some podcasts for travel. Previously, we had already downloaded music to the device. Imagine then that we were making videos and photos. Conclusion? faulty device.

If you want your mobile to last, go for a minimum of 128 GB

Today, mobiles are guaranteed for 3 years. Therefore, with normal use, we can easily reach 4 or 5 useful years, in which we should take full advantage of our smartphone. If we want to have applications, photos, videos and games, we must expand the storage to at least 128 GB and 256 GB would be recommended . With this we will not have any problem during the useful life of our phone due to storage.

We therefore believe that not having a minimum of 128GB today will weigh down our experience. to use our smartphones. You will think that you have to uninstall apps, delete music or files from your mobile or upload them to the cloud having to spend money on some platforms to download files.

And you what do you think ? Do you think a minimum of 128 GB of storage is necessary or is it recommended from 128 GB?

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