Marvel Snap Game, The new Marvel Game for PC and Mobile

After the release of Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness, a new wonder-entertainment which will allow its players to fight in quick battles. This new game was developed by Second Dinner, a studio founded by the creators of the hit video game Hearthstone, while Marvel oversaw the process.

All the details on Marvel Snap Game

Marvel Snap is a trading card video game which features one of the fastest game modes in the card game industry. In fact, the games will last approximately 3 minutes and the players will play their cards in the same turn and simultaneously.

The Marvel Snap games appear to be based on conquer 2 of 3 areas that the game board will have but to achieve this you will first have to defeat your opponent.

As far as the letters are concerned, we were able to know the main details of how they work:

They will have a attack power and one defensive power.

Also have skills which are activated when the card is played or if other events occur.

The bridges will be made up of 12 unique cards.

At launch, there will be more than 150 unique cards with characters from across the multiverse.

If you were already thinking about the price, we have good news: Marvel Snap will be free to play And it will be available for mobile and PC with translation in 13 different languages. Additionally, starting today, players will be able to sign up for a Android Exclusive Closed Beta.