measure your health from iOS and Android

Since the arrival of smartwatches, tracking physical activity and health has become a fundamental pillar of smartphones. If you’re at that stage where you use your mobile to control your greeting, pay attention to this smart scale offer. It is compatible with all operating systems and measures more than 13 health indicators.

Although there are a wide variety of smart scales, this one is very interesting for two main reasons. Its very low price, and its compatibility with all mobile operating systems. And with countless apps, like those from Fitbit. It has a fairly generous size, ideal for all types of users.

This smart scale offer It is ideal for those looking to better control their body weight: It is able to measure up to 13 body indicators: weight, water, muscle mass, BMI, RMC, body fat, bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle and various other data.

You can also weigh yourself at any time, even without having your cell phone handy. The data will be synchronized with the app once reconnected. All this for a fairly low price and much lower than other similar smart scales.

Smart wireless scale

Digital bathroom scale capable of analyzing more than 13 body indicators, monitors body composition and body fat. It supports up to 180 kg and is compatible with FitBit, Andriod and iOS.

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