Meta is preparing a “Chromebook for the face”, in addition to other VR and AR glasses

Meta continues to advance in the development of its metaverse, despite the fact that this, as confirmed by Facebook itself, is still far from seeing the light. Mark Zuckerberg’s company plans to launch a series of virtual reality glasses in the coming months and, at least, until 2024, according to the roadmap of the company to which you had access Information. Among these VR devices is a high-end viewer belonging to the Quest brand whose price is around $800.

The aforementioned high-end VR headset that Meta is working on would, in fact, be the first device to be announced. These VR glasses are known internally as “Arcata” and could arrive during the month of September. They will do it with more advanced features. Among them, sensors to detect eye movement and thus create expressions in avatars, or even a better quality screen that would even make it possible to read texts more clearly. According to The edge, this high-resolution screen will offer the possibility “to write e-mails or code in the virtual reality environment”. All this, in addition, with a longer autonomy compared to the Oculus Quest 2.

His power, yes, would be a bit more limited. Some project members even seem to describe this Meta viewer as a “Chromebook for the face”as its operating system would only be able to run “web-based tools and services” and “accessible through Meta’s virtual reality web browser”.

Meta continues to work on “Nazare Project“, his augmented reality glasses

Meta Augmented Reality Glasses

In parallel, Meta plans to launch augmented reality glasses during 2024, known as “Project Nazare”. These, in particular, they would work independently of the smartphone. In fact, they could arrive with their own operating system -although based on Android- and would have a “wireless device in the form of a mobile phone”, which would be responsible for generating the information necessary for the operation of the lenses themselves, as indicated. The edge.

In addition, Meta is also working on cheaper AR glasses than They would include a small screen to be able to read alerts and notifications. These, in addition, might require synchronization with the smartphone.

Virtual reality glasses known as “Arcata” are expected to be available soon for around $799. They would be renewed in 2024, probably with improved features. Meta also plans to announce two cheaper scopes in 2023 and 2024. For the moment, only their code names are known: Stinson and Cardiff. Augmented reality glasses, meanwhile, will begin to be marketed in 2024, although their launch could be delayed.