Meta’s Ambitious Plan Revealed With Her Augmented Reality Glasses

the goal would have plans to release AR glasses in 2024as reported The edge. This, of course, within the framework of the complementarity of its famous metaverse. This first generation of augmented reality glasses would arrive the same year as Google’s proposal in the same sector.

Meta’s AR glasses are currently being developed under the code name of Nazare Project. The company plans to launch them no later than 2024, and would abandon reliance on Apple or Google operating systems. Since The edge explain that augmented reality glasses will have a “wireless device shaped like a mobile phone to download part of the information necessary for the operation of the glasses”.

Similarly, Meta’s augmented reality glasses They would have an operating system based on Android. This decision was made after plans to develop a Fuchsia-based operating system were abandoned by the company.

The idea of ​​creating a custom micro-operating kernel for the device from a version of Google’s open-source Fuchsia operating system was scrapped late last year; partly because it wasn’t going to be ready in time for 2024.

The edge

Zuckerberg has confirmed that the first generation of Nazareth “They offer a full AR experience with 3D graphics, a wide field of vision and a socially acceptable design.” However, the company does not expect it to be a very popular device. Its autonomy will barely reach 4 hours of viewing; and Meta wants the glasses to be used indoors, primarily.