Meta’s metaverse now lets you buy and sell digital goods

Meta has started testing new forms of monetization within its metaverse. The company announced on Monday that these new tools can be used by a “select group” of creators. via Horizon Worlds.

To date, according to gadget, selected users can create digital goods and sell them directly through the social space of the metaverse. However, these tools are currently restricted to residents of the United States and Canada who are 18 years of age or older.

To sell their products, users only have to create the articles. This is achieved Go to the Trade tabthen in Create mode in Horizon Worlds.

Likewise, the company announced that this is another step in solidifying its metaverse. In this way, they plan to keep looking ways for users to earn a living in your virtual universe. This, they say, is just the first step and part of their long-term vision.

Although we’re launching it today as a test for a handful of creators to get feedback, these kinds of tools are steps toward our long-term vision for the metaverse, where creators can earn a living and people can buy goods, digital services and experiences

Users who wish to be part of the Meta monetization program will need to meet certain requirements. Among them, the rules of Prohibited Content Policy from Horizon Worlds. For that, Meta will not allow the sale of the following items in your virtual world:

  • Adult or sexual content; for example, nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or suggestive or sexually provocative activities.
  • Content featuring regulated goods or activitiesincluding prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and gambling.
  • Intense or violent contentincluding blood and gore.

Thus, the company plans to maintain a “welcoming space for our diverse community where people feel safe and respected.

On the other hand, with the recent announcement, Meta has also decided to launch an additional program with the participation of creators residing in the United States. Those involved in this new proposal they will be able to generate additional profits. How is it achieved? Generate monthly progress in the objectives assigned by the company itself.

The company will not take any commission on this method and promised that will pay the full amount generated by users at the end of each month.

“If we imagine what a future metaverse would look like, clearly the ability to sell virtual goods and take them with you from one world to another is going to be a big part of it,” Mark Zuckerberg commented a few years ago. days. during interview held at Horizon Worlds. These new creation, purchase and sale tools they adapt quite well to the intentions of the company for including NFTs in their services like Instagram, Facebook and of course their metaverse. In fact, the company is working on a virtual currency called Zuck Bucks.