Mexico’s new airport will use facial recognition

After the controversial cancellation of NAIM, the government of Mexico inaugurated the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), the axis of its strategy to put an end to the saturation of flights in the Valley of Mexico.

One of the features of the new Santa Lucia terminal is the use of facial recognition and the collection of biometric data to facilitate documentation and boarding.

AIFA raises a fully automated boarding experience, from check-in to take-off. For it will integrate a biometric system at the gates and counters of the airportas well as in an application for mobile devices.

Users will be able to download the application, take a photo and document themselves before their arrival at AIFA. Once at the airport, they will go to the kiosks or the airline counter in case of checked baggage. Elderly people or those unfamiliar with technology will benefit from the support of airline and airport staff.

Although the biometric data system at the entrances would increase operational efficiency, its use represents a risk to passenger privacy and safety. The government and the secretary of national defense (Sedena) they did not detail the protective measures to information.