Microsoft confirms it was Tipsed for LAPSUS$

LAPSUS$ becomes a real nightmare for the biggest tech companies. A few weeks ago we saw how Nvidia suffered the theft of information by the group of Tipsers. Soon after, Mercado Libre and Samsung were also affected. Now the new victim is Microsoft. This was confirmed by those in Redmond after they opened an investigation for theft of confidential information.

The group assured at the beginning of the week to have made a total of 37 GB of data from Microsoft. Among them, it seems, Cortana and Bing source codewhich was partially stolen by Tipsers.

After completing the relevant investigations, Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday the veracity data theft. The company called the event a “cybercriminal-motivated theft and destruction” tactic, as mentioned on its official blog. They also comment that the attackers, which they call DEV-0537, were responsible for stealing the information using “a single account”.

The goal of DEV-0537 is to gain elevated access through stolen credentials that enable data theft and destructive attacks against a targeted organization, often ending in extortion. His tactics and goals indicate that he is a cybercriminal actor motivated by theft and destruction.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center)

Microsoft acted in time

According to the company in its statement, Microsoft’s response team stopped the theft of information by US $ halfway through the operation. They also ensure that the leaked code does not pose a serious threat; there are therefore no reasons that could lead to an increase in risk within the company.