Microsoft data centers will heat homes in Finland

The excess heat generated by the new data centers of microsoft in Finland it will be used for heating homes, shops and offices in the Helsinki metropolitan area. This was announced by the Redmond company, which has teamed up with Fortum, the Finnish state-owned energy company.

Microsoft plans to build the data centers in question in the southern region of Finland, and they will run entirely on clean energy. What Fortum will do will be capture all the waste heat generated by server cooling and redirect it to different cities. Specifically, Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi.

The procedure is truly striking. According to the Finnish company, the heat obtained from the Microsoft facilities will be distributed through a district heating structure, made up of more than 900 kilometers of underground pipelinesin the form of hot water.

Microsoft’s project in Finland is the world’s largest to recycle waste heat generated by data centers. Fortum also assures that the Americans have chosen the place where they will install the new server structure by already thinking of a plan for reusing excess heat.

sanna sailor, the Prime Minister of Finland, was enthusiastic about this initiative. “The decision to invest in a data center that also provides surplus heat to our cities and homes is a win-win situation. It will accelerate Finland’s digital growth and make our energy system greener,” said she declared.