Microsoft launches Journal, its new notes app for Windows with AI

The successor to Windows Journal is now available, and it’s a redesign of the app originally released for Windows Vista. Now it comes as Microsoft Journal, and This will allow us to take notes as we would on a sheet of paper. However, one of the big improvements is its support for artificial intelligence. Those in Redmond are promoting it as one of the new features for Windows 11.

Journal had been in Microsoft Garage, the company’s internal incubator, for over a year. Now it’s finally available for all users who want to try it.

Express your writing skills with Microsoft Journal

Microsoft Journal

Journal arrives as a native proposal from Microsoft so you can enjoy the benefits of the digital pen in Windows 11. Of course, it’s a digital notebook, and we can write and draw anything we want in it.

Although it is quite similar to the already existing OneNote, Diary differs in the capabilities of using a pencil. While the former was more focused on the desktop experience; the second commitment of data entry features via a touch screen and a style.

The company, moreover, renewed the physical appearance of the application. Now, Journal updates its interface to fit the new design brought by Windows 11. Moreover, you can now check the details of your documents using the file and folder system included in the update.