‘Midnight Family’ will be the first series in Spanish on Apple TV+

midnight family (Where MidnightFamily) it’s him new drama which is in production at the hands of Apple TV+, according to deadline. It is first Apple production shot entirely in Spanish as the main language. In this way, the service diffusion of those from Cupertino get on the train of multicultural productions and whose filming takes place outside the borders of the United States. Platforms like HBO and Netflix have been in this market for a long time, and Apple TV+ has decided to join them.

For its part, midnight family East Inspired by the Mexican documentary of the same name which was released on Netflix. The series will feature Oscar nominee, Yalitza Apparicio (Rome); Joaquin Cosio (Narcos: Mexico, Suicide Squad) and Oscar Jaenada (Luis Miguel: The Series). However, this is not the entire cast of the production, and it is that Renata Vaca (keep on going), Diego Calva (Narcos: Mexico); Itza Escamilla (Elite), José Maria de Tavira (The candidate), Dolores Heredia (Chapo), Mariana Gomez (queen of flow) and Sergio Bautista.

midnight family will follow the story we encountered in the documentary namesake. Thus, we will accompany Marigaby Tamayo, an ambitious and talented medical student by day; and who too he spends his nights saving lives throughout the fascinating, vast and contrasting city of Mexico City. To do this, you will use the private ambulance from his family.

With his father, Ramón (Cosío) and his brothers, Marcus (Calva) and Julito (Bautista); Marigaby helps a population of millions by attending to extreme medical emergencies to earn a living.


As we have already told you, midnight family is also the name of an award-winning documentary that premiered in 2019; by director Luke Loretzen. Manufacturing showed the vehicle crisis in the medical sector of the Mexican capital; and also how the Ochoa family made money by operating a private ambulance (called “ambulancias patito”) and at the same time saving lives overnight. If you want to see how this documentary unfolds, here’s the trailer.