Mobile internet not working on phone. What should be checked!?

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Today there will be a brief little note, built in the form of step-by-step instructions. It can help in cases when the mobile Internet “suddenly” stopped working on the phone … (hardware is relevant for Android smartphones).

Important point: if you have traveled outside a major city and have lost internet access – when the opportunity arises, check coverage map your operator (3G, 4G – not available in all corners of our country!). You may need to change carriers to get to a “certain area”…

Also, pay attention 📌 to the icons on your smartphone screen. Often they not only show the signal strength, but also the reason for the lack of internet.

signal level

In fact, on the above points specified in the note, I do not stop further. I will go straight to the point…


What to check if there is a problem with the mobile Internet

📌 STEP 1

The very first (and most mundane 😉) action is to restart the phone (just hold down the power button for 3-7 seconds). It is recommended always and everywhere, but few people perform …

Then, open the 👉 personal account of your mobile operator (this can be done from computer \\ in my Megafon example) and check two points:

  1. how much internet traffic has been used – has the limit been reached?
  2. if there are sufficient funds in the account / if the tariff has been extended. 👇
Megafon personal account

Megafon personal account


👉 Important!

Almost all mobile operators can disable mobile internet service, and we need to know if this has happened..! This is done either in your personal account or via a USSD request.

AT megaphonefor example, just use a USSD query: *105*4*4#, which will indicate if the service is enabled. Specify the command on the official. your operator’s website!


📌 STEP 2

Next, check your phone settings: is it enabled? “Mobile Data Transfer”. Generally, you just need to pull the top bar towards you (down) to access the phone’s quick settings. See example below. 👇

Of course, if mobile data transfer is disabled, the Internet will not work.

By the way, for diagnostics, I recommend temporarily disabling the Wi-Fi network (if it is connected).

Mobile data

Mobile data

Also, in the Android settings (section “Connections”) I recommend checking the SIM card manager (especially if you have 2 SIM cards on your smartphone). In it you can disable mobile data transfer for one of the SIM cards (sometimes the phone defaults to selecting the wrong SIM card for data transfer…). 👇

SIM card manager

SIM card manager



Many phones (Section “Connections / mobile data transfer”) can be installed limits on Internet traffic (sometimes they are already preinstalled without you).

For example, you have 5 GB of traffic at rate (and you set this value for yourself), then you exhaust it – the phone will start blocking the data transfer!

By default, of course, the phone will notify that the traffic has ended and there is now a limit (however, this does not always happen…). Therefore, I recommend to check if such limits!

Set traffic limit

Set traffic limit // Android 10.0



If you have an antivirus installed on your phone, I recommend removing (disabling) it for a while. After that restart the device.



Try reseating the SIM card in a different slot (if you have 2) or in another known-good phone. Working?

It is also strongly recommended (for diagnostic purposes) to install another working SIM card in the “problem” smartphone (to clarify for sure it’s all in the device or sim card).

Inserting the SIM card into the phone

Inserting the SIM card into the phone


👉 If the problem occurs on the “side” of the SIM card – present your passport at your mobile operator’s lounge for its reissue. The service is free in most cases, and the number will remain the same (although note that after this procedure, text messages may not arrive for a day or two! This is done for security reasons).


👉 If the problem occurs on the “side” of the phone – then I would recommend the following before going to service:

  1. make a backup of the necessary files and contacts 📌;
  2. try performing a phone reset 📌 (known as a hard reset);
  3. if you have access to the SIM card slot, try cleaning the contacts (with a cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol);
  4. if resetting and cleaning did not work, contact an authorized service center.


Other recommendations are welcome!

Good luck!


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