“Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters of my career”

moon knightcreated by Doug Moench this 2022 and with Oscar Isaac in the title roleis the sixth series integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after, in 2021, a total of five releases on Disney+: Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What would happen if…? and Hawk Eye. But perhaps none as different as this one on Marc Spector.

“It never bothers me to create a character who is the same as me. Acting is a profession for me, and I’m always looking for bigger challenges“, tells us the actor, born in Guatemala and nationalized American, in an interview of passage in Madrid during the international promotion of moon knight. And that can tell us where the shots go in this wonderful proposal.

“For an actor like me, the biggest challenge is to explore a life that seems at first sight to have nothing to do with mine, which [el personaje y yo] we don’t have the same biography, which is completely different”, continues Oscar Isaac. And there is a challenge: how can I find authenticity, the truth in it, and where to settle. For it i love steven grant. I like being in his skin and that’s one of my characterss favorites among what I did.

No nonsense if we consider that before Moon Knight, it was Orestes in Agora, Alejandro Amenábar’s fifth film (2009); gabriel standard To drive (2011), directed by Nicolas Winding Refn; or good old Poe Dameron in the saga of star wars (since 1977) from the force awakens (2015), with JJ Abrams front. And won a Golden Globe with his role as Nick Wasicsko in show me a herothe miniseries by David Simon and Paul Haggis (2015).

How Oscar Isaac Constructed the Complex Protagonist of ‘Moon Knight’

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“Before I said I was going to [a Steven Grant], I thought about this character, how he is and if he could do what he wanted. Nothing about how it was in the script, and I started looking for it,” he continues. “Suddenly this voice came out, this way of being; and I experienced it at home, with my children; and they started laughing and saying to me, “Is Steven! Do Steven!”. And I thought, “I think I found something here… I’m going to present it to Kevin. [Feige] and if he tells me it’s okay…”.