‘Moon Knight’ Isn’t Another Marvel Fad

With the arrival of moon knight Over at Disney+, it’s clear that some intriguing things are happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And all at the same time, so it seems like this isn’t a casual occurrence, but a well-thought-out strategy for the franchise.

On the one hand, there is the possibility that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to be the open door to the wilder side of the multiverse. One inhabited not only by monstrous creatures, but also by many variations of your favorite characters.

At the other extreme are the individual stories of the studio’s series on Disney+ that complement and underpin those of the movies. This last extreme will have its most sophisticated and singular point with the arrival of moon knight. An almost unknown character who opens the door to the magical and supernatural dimension of the franchise.

Between the two panoramas, something jumps out. Marvel is gearing up for a gradual but inevitable shift in its core premise. Or what amounts to the same, an essential maturation process in your proposal. Something inevitable, after The Avengers: Endgame and the death or retirement of their most beloved characters. The film, which closed the third phase of the saga with an unprecedented pop phenomenon, was also a challenge. How to overcome such a spectacle? But above all, how to achieve a similar level of intrigue and cinematic quality?

After all, end of Game It was a risk that managed to combine the high points of the saga and balance the lows. With an extraordinary villain, an ambitious and moving story, the film marked the end of an era. A long and often rugged journey, which ended in a symbolic farewell to its most famous faces. But even if it were inevitable, the farewell put the studio in a difficult situation. Without its emblematic figures, how to continue in unknown territory? For Kevin Feige and company, it was a monumental challenge. For Marvel, a brand requirement and a sense of transcendence that had to be overcome intelligently.