Moon Knight’s mental illness that explains his superpowers

Today, March 30, it finally opens moon knight (2022), the Disney+ series with the actor oscar isaac. Many fans regard this superhero as marvel batman, basically because his greatest superpower is money. Although in his case he has another difference, it is that in addition to a great fortune, he suffers from a mental illness: the dissociative personality disorder. And this is precisely what gives rise to a good part of his powers.

Around Marc Specter and its main personalities, Steven Grant, Mr. Knight and Jake Lockley, there may be a bit of fantasy, but nothing supernatural. He’s not an alien, like Superman, or a mutant like Wolverine. Nor was he bitten by a radioactive spider, like Spiderman. He is simply a child who had a traumatic experience that changed his life forever. Another parallel with Batman.

But then, what is reality in Moon Knight? How does the reality of dissociative personality disorder reveal itself in the character? And, more importantly, how can traits of mental illness become superpowers?

The origin of Moon Knight

Moon Knight was born as Marc Specter. As a child, he fled Czechoslovakia for the United States with his mother and father, a rabbi called Elijah who was followed by the Nazis.

Once in America, the family felt safe until Marc discovered that his father’s good friend was actually a Nazi spy who killed Jews. When he found out that the boy had discovered him, he wanted to kill him so he wouldn’t talk, but Marc defended himself, brutally beating his enemy. The scene was so harsh that it was traumatized. And it was said trauma that sowed the seed of her dissociative personality disorder.