‘Morbius’ could be the definitive bridge between the Marvel and Sony universes

Seventh lucky. Or that seems to be the movie’s tagline Morbius by Daniel Espinosa, which will finally be released on April 1st. This after going through an endless chain of delays and reschedulings. But what seemed like a project with no particular place in the Sony universe, has become an intriguing surprise box. Little by little, the film of one of Marvel’s most curious anti-heroes began to have more news than we think. And it was speculated that it would be the bridge between the long-awaited connection between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony.

Over the past few months and after Sony released two almost consecutive trailers, the story of Morbius took on a new relevance. Especially when the few bits in the trailers made it clear that the film could be more than just an origin story. Allusions to the mixing of several universes at the same time, to the fact that specific characters will be part of the plot. The big question is unavoidable: could it be Morbius a meaningful character to tie several stories together?

In this regard, there are rumors for every taste and the most curious speculations. Especially when Venom: there will be slaughter by Andy Serkis clarified the intentions of the two studios. The film’s post-credits scene showed Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock coming face-to-face – sort of – with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. As if that weren’t enough, in recent months there has been some concrete speculation that Sony’s spiderverse may be getting more robust. First, the unconfirmed reports that Andrew Garfield could return as Spider-Man from an alternate timeline are looking increasingly certain. This would allow Sony to expand and explore the possibilities of its Spidey-related character licensing more deeply. In parallel, establish links with the parallel scenario featuring Tom Holland.

Morbius: a very large spider web

At the other extreme, all the signs point to the long project of the sinister six Sony could be realized, now with a series of specific characters. Spider-Man: No Coming Home It wasn’t just a chance to show off the benefits and quirks of the multiverse. Also to bring many of the iconic spiderverse villains back to the public’s memory. So it is very likely that each of them will occupy a specific space in the future.

Morbius It could not only be the bridge between the cinematic universes that have so far deepened Spidey’s story. At the same time it could be the character that completes the team of villains or in any caseallow to analyze the history that could include them from a new point of view. Indeed, according to the various previews and trailers, the plot of Morbius it may well be a step forward in a particular direction. References to every Spider-Man franchise have been seen in trailers so far. In the first trailer, Leto’s character walks past a banner with Spider-Man’s image on it that says “assassin”. This is an obvious reference to the end of Spider-Man: Far From Homein which Spidey ends up being framed for Mysterio’s death.