‘Morbius’ Has 2 Post-Credits Scenes, and Both Are Absurd

As unique as it may seem, Morbius try using the same trick Venom: there will be slaughter by Andy Serkis. Its post-credits scenes are meant to tie directly into other stories in the Marvel Multiverse. But while those featuring Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock raised some interesting questions, those of Morbius they are contrived additions to the plot. It is surprising that both the first and the second look rushed, unconvincing and no obvious connection to the main plot. But more so, the way the information they bring to the story is loose pieces with no real narrative value.

In fact, it looks like both were added after the success of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Both lack connection to the central story told by the film. But above all, they contradict the rules of the Marvel multiverse in a disconcerting way.

Morbius, which seemed to be a transition between several narrative lines or which had hinted at its various advances, ends up being a kind of island story. One that doesn’t add much interest to Sony’s eventual spiderverse or does so in a clunky, unhealthy way.

First post-credits scene: an old acquaintance arrives in a new world

The first post-credits scene is linked – or tries to be – to the film with what is told in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. In fact, the sequence begins with what appears to be the multiverse shattering. The image recalls the exact moment Stephen Strange performs his second spell to return the villains to their respective universes. Corn what happens next has no logic or basis in the laws raised by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The next shot Morbius it shows an empty cell in which Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes materializes in a white prison uniform. And he does it the same way as the villains of Spider-Man: No Coming Home They Disappear The big question that remains unanswered is why the character is sent back to another dimensional space. If the premise of Strange’s fate was to bring visitors back other dimensions to their home universes why this affected Adrian. Even weirder and weirder: Does this mean Adrian was a variant from another universe? When did something similar happen? Why did this happen?