more of the same, but just as entertaining

Thinking about it, perhaps we should ask ourselves if a film about Sega’s famous anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, created by Naoto Oshima and Yuji Naka in 1991 to compete with Nintendo’s Italian plumber, can be considered a work that exceeds the simplest entertainment. It’s not too likely; neither the first big screen adaptation (2020) nor its sequel is now, Sonic 2directed by Jeff Fowler himself (2022).

In truth, we should only want interesting products if they translate to cinema video games with a really dramatic story; as is the case with The last of usthe series by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (since 2023) on HBO Max from adventure to players by NaughtyDog. And, as the court of cinema is, give us a hard time if a decent proposal is made throughout UnexploredRuben Fleischer’s latest contribution (2022) to this feature class.

In fact, if we could only tolerate the other film because of Jim Carrey’s Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the truth is that Sonic 2 try to take advantage of the actor’s participation and irrepressible histrionics from the start. But the initial sequence, curious at least by its ingredients, is followed by some nonsense and implausibilities when staging action that claims to be glorious and doesn’t even come close to it or day-to-day pranks.

‘Sonic 2’: A more colossal but equally mediocre adventure

Sega | paramount

It seems, however, that Jeff Fowler and his screenwriters, repeaters Patrick Casey and Worm Miller and newcomer John Whittington, have decided to give us some more spectacular sequences than those of the original length, with more exotic storylines abundant in its elements and a higher level of destruction. But without the slow-motion bluster we knew from X files (Since 1993), X-Men: Days of Future Past Where Justice League.

Your desire to go towards something bigger and more spectacular to Sonic 2 It fixes one of the downsides the 2020 story suffers from: its lack of narrative ambition. But beware, because not quite. That it is decided to diversify where the escapades of the hedgehog take place with the voice of Ben Schwartz and to offer colossal circumstances does not mean, we fear, that the substance of the story, the level of humor that they use and even their emotional depth are rather jerk off.