NASA doesn’t just want Elon Musk’s SpaceX to reach the Moon

After the controversy with blue origin After the POT Chose to SpaceX As a partner in developing the spacecraft that will return humans to the Moon, the US agency has launched a new open call for any American company. This does not mean that he has severed ties with the company. Elon Musk, of cours. They just made the decision to add youn second lander to what had already been planned for the Artemis program. And for that they will choose the one that seems to them the best proposal, on the sole condition of coming from the United States.

NASA announced yesterday, March 23, the opening of this call, in which it recalled that new landing modules must have the ability to dock with the bridge. It is a space station that will be placed in lunar orbit as part of the Artemis program.

This program plans to bring humans back to the Moon, although in a much more modern way. As expected, they will go up on our satellite for the first time a woman and a person of color. This is a NASA project in collaboration with the space agencies from Europe, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australiawith the private collaboration of SpaceX by Elon Musk. Will another company be joining soon? Time will tell. For now, the doors are open.

Looking for private companies to join SpaceX

When NASA began planning the development of the vehicle that would take astronauts to the lunar surface, it decided to choose two of the three companies. The candidates were SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dynetics. However, budget restrictions meant they could only choose one, so they ended up opting for Elon Musk’s company.

This did not suit Blue Origin, hence they decided sue nasa, although in the end the request was rejected by the courts. SpaceX had become NASA’s only private partner to bring humans back to the Moon. A one-time contract worth $2.9 billion was concluded with them. A large sum, of course.