Netflix now lets you mark the shows and movies you like

netflix wants to show you more content related to what you really like and that’s why it added a new reaction button. To date, the popular streaming platform offers a function called, precisely, “I love”which allows you to give a kind of “double boost” to the series and films that really captivated you.

This option is located next to the traditional “Like” and “Dislike” buttons, and it is already available on all the platforms where Netflix is ​​present: iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV and the web. What the service intends is to ensure that users receive recommendations based on their tastes that are even more accurate than those currently obtained through its algorithms.

Netflix recognizes that it is sometimes difficult to gauge how much audiences like or dislike certain content; therefore, the new “Like” option aims to more easily identify what makes them truly special. So, for example, when using this option with a particular title, the recommendations will include more productions similar themes or with the same actors and actresses.

“Think of double thumbs up as a way to adjust your recommendations to watch even more shows or movies influenced by what you like. A “Like” always lets us know what you liked, so we’re using that response to make similar recommendations.” . But a ‘Like’ helps us be even more specific with recommendations for you,” they wrote on Netflix’s official blog.

The “Like” button wins a place on Netflix

It’s still too early to know if the new “Like” button will deliver the results Netflix promises. The only way to check is to use it and see if the recommendations start to improve or be more specific than before. There isn’t much more science than that for users.