Netflix will launch the Resident Evil series in 2022

Resident Evil Umbrella

netflix continues to add new content to its catalog of streaming series and movies. Now it’s the turn of Resident Evil Live Action Serieswhich was announced in 2020 and will finally release on July 14th of that same year.

The series will focus on Weskera family recently arrived in New Raccoon Townwho hides many secrets which could lead to the end of the world as we know it. Albert Westerone of the main antagonists of the saga, will be of great importance in this adaptation.

In December last year, a first teaser of the seriesin which we can see the mythical zombie Cerberus.

It has already been confirmed that this It will be a completely independent series to the movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Cityreleased in 2021 and also to the saga of films starring Thousand Jovovich.

We’ll see more video game adaptations on Netflix

Watch the trend you are following netflix in recent years, with hits like the witcher or Castlevania, Resident Evil it won’t be the last adaptation of a video game that we see on the platform. The production of several projects related to major Ubisoft franchises, such as The Division or Assassin’s Creed.