new filtered images and videos from the series

HBO’s adaptation inspired by The last of us It’s just around the corner. Today we get new leaked footage from the set of the series, where we see Joel and Ellie again; the iconic protagonists of the original PlayStation adventure. This time, however, it’s their flesh and blood versions, and you can see them in action.

In the leaked material, posted via Twitter by the account TheLastofUsNews, we can see the figures running through the city of Pittsburgh. They seem to be hiding from something; and it’s that all the characters, including Ellie, Joel, Sam, and Henry cross a slightly crouched avenue.

The last thing you can see are the characters entering a building, but so far not much else is known. Likewise, the filtration shows us one of the few images in which we see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay face to faceboth dressed in their roles of Joel and Ellie, respectively.

On the other hand, in the photographs published in NaughtyDogInfotoo can we take a look at the cast of henry and sam. Although at this time the names of the people who play the two characters have not been identified; It is believed that Lamar Johnson will be responsible for bringing the first to life.