New trailer for ‘Moon Knight’ features three of its characters

The fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of discovering a good number of new characters, both superheroes and friends and villains who will take part in the next adventures of the saga, interacting with other protagonists of the previous ones. The closest is the first of moon knightDoug Moench’s mini-series on Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector, on Disney+.

To whet your appetite, Marvel has launched a video featuring three of the main characters that we will meet in the six episodes that make up the sixth series of the franchise since Wanda Vision (2021), directed between Mohamed Diab, responsible for feature films such as Cairo, 678 (2010), and Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Those Who Are Remembered Infinite (2017).

How could it be otherwise, they start with “sincere, funny and very kind” Steve Grant. “When you look below the surface, what do you see?” asks Oscar Isaac, the Guatemalan actor Agora (2009) or To drive (2011) whom we interviewed by moon knight. And he answers to himself: “A complicated man, grappling with an inner conflict, struggling for balance.

Mate and enemy of the Moon Knight

Then it’s at Layla ElFaouly by May Calamawy, the Palestinian-Egyptian actress who we saw in the skin of Mona Alsnany in the chapter “Off the Record” (4×02) of lady secretary (2014-2019), by Faiza in the eight of The long way back (2017) or Dena Hassan in twelve of Rummy (since 2019). “The Force,” he says in the Marvel video, “wondering what’s going on here.”

And finally we have Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke, who was also the Todd Anderson of Dead Poets Society (1989), the Ishmael Rooms of As it snows on the cedars (1999) or the Jack Valentine of The Warlord (2005). “An adored, exalted mysterious figure,” describes the Texas performer, “and you don’t want to come face to face with his supernatural power.”