New Video Game Confirmed And Shanks Actor For Netflix Series

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One Piece Odyssey: New JRPG Game

Without a doubt, the main news that the event gave us was the confirmation of a new game starring Luffy and company, One Piece Odysseywith trailer included.

In this new title Genre JRPGwe’ll be able to control all Straw Hat Pirates -except Jinbe, which has not yet been shown – in an unprecedented adventure. Few plot details have emerged, but from the trailer, we can see that the thousand sunny finds himself stranded on an island, forcing the Straw Hats to find a way out.

The original story and game characters were created by Eiichiro Oda himself 3 years ago, we can therefore think that the game will take more or less the same development time. It has also been confirmed that more content will be added in the future.

The title will be released this year 2022, no specific date, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. With a release date so close we can expect more news soon.

Peter Gadiot will be Shanks in the Netflix series

During the event, there was also time to talk about the live-action series that prepares Netflix. was made a review of all actors confirmed so far and it was also announced the actor who will play hock in the series.

british actor Pierre Gadiotknown for series like Once upon a time or Supergirl, will be responsible for bringing the captain of the Red Haired Pirates and Luffy’s main inspiration to become a pirate. The series’ official Twitter account posted a video to introduce it.

Other event announcements

In addition to these two attacks, during the event they announced many other news linked to the franchise:

Many Movies and new anime episodes will premiere on Netflix in different countries, including Latin America. They will take place on April 15 and May 22 respectively.

new poster of Red Filmintroducing a new character

special logo for the 25th anniversary of manga

News from the saga card gamewith new illustrations of characters like Zoro

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