NFTs are coming to Instagram soon, whether you like it or not

Mark Zuckerberg, the controversial CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), has confirmed what was already an open secret for a long time. The director took advantage of his talk at SXSW (via Tech Crunch) to announce that the company intends to adopt NFTs on Instagram short term.

However, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t throw out too many details during his statement. Yes we know non-fungible token integration is under development; although at the moment the Instagram team is focused on fixing some technical issues along the way.

In mid-January of that same year, the magazine FinancialTimes I have already commented that Meta has plans regarding NFTs. According to its report, Facebook and Instagram would become “a place where users can create and sell these digital assets“. Now the next destination of one of them has already been set.

We are working to bring NFTs to Instagram soon. Today I’m not ready to announce exactly what will be, but in the coming months you will have the opportunity to bring some of your NFTs. And over time you can lying within this environment.

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NFTs on Instagram were coming

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, had already hinted at the arrival of NFTs on the platform. In December 2021, the executive assured that the company was “exploring” the possibility; hope that to be able to reach a wider audience.