Niantic explains the reason for the time change on Community Day


Pokemon GO

the launch of Pokemon GO filled the streets with Trainers looking for their favorite Pokémon. Since then, one of the most important elements of the mobile game of the saga is the celebration of events: in them, players can get creatures and objects in certain areas for a limited time.

The reason for the change in Pokémon GO Community Day

Recently, Niantic revealed the contents of the next community daywhich will drunk as the protagonist. This announcement is accompanied by a very relevant novelty for coaches: the decrease in event duration six to three hours.

Two years ago, the company made the decision to extend the duration of the events organized for Community Day. So the players had more time to go out and capture event-exclusive Pokémon.

However, two years later, Niantic announced its decision to shorten that term again. According to the game director, the main reason for this change is that everyone goes out onto the streets at the same time, thus resuming the original spirit of the game.

“The first is exploration, the second is exercise, and the third is real-world social interactions. In terms of what we gain, it’s actually us who intend to lean there- It’s definitely not to generate more income from Incense. We get less income because the item is less useful, right?

We don’t want Pokémon GO to be a product that you can fully complete and enjoy from your couch. And the thing is, incense being so powerful, stationary players were able to do it, right? »

Another important issue addressed in the same interview was the integration of people with some type of physical functional diversity, since this change only complicates your participation in the events of the game. Considering this, the company communicated that they still could not give an update on this subject, but said that it counts among its projects to introduce certain tools to improve the game in this regard.

Source: GoNintendo