Nintendo expects Switch sales to drop 10% this year

light switch

light switch

Nintendo Switch lowers its sales forecast due to the semiconductor crisis

According to a latest report from the Nikkei media, Nintendo would have lowered its sales forecast with Switch by 10% for this fiscal year, in which it would go from 23 million units sold last year to “only” 20 million. Last year, the forecast was already lowered from the initial 28 million to 23 due to problems in world trade.

The reason for this drop in forecasts would be the shortage of semiconductor chips that has been affecting video game console manufacturers so much in recent years and the ongoing supply chain issues, which have increased with the lockdowns in china due to COVID outbreaks and the recent war in Ukraine. According to the report, if the Shanghai lockdown persists, Nintendo’s forecast could fall below the current 20 million.

Despite problems bringing consumer-demanded Nintendo Switch units to market, Nintendo’s hybrid console has already sold around 106 million units since launch in 2017. This places the console as the third best-selling desktop computer in history, just behind the PS2 (155 million) and PS4 (116 million), the latter of which it may eventually reach.

If we close the circle only to Nintendo consoles, Switch is currently placed as the third bestseller in historywhich recently overtook the Wii (101 million) and is second only to the long-running Game Boy (116 million) and the undisputed Nintendo DS (154 million).

Source: Game Bolt