Nintendo Game will have a system that will detect those who modify their games

This problem greatly affects the competitive world

Nintendo Game is known to be one of the companies that the more they protect the rights of their licenses and their consoles, not allowing modifications or new products related to its franchises. Now, the Big N seems to have gone a step further in its fight against this type of content which affects not only the way it is played, but also this terrible problem of video games linked to traps.

The company just patented a new certification program, with which it intends to detect those who modify its software. At the moment, it has not been revealed exactly how this new program works but, according to the contents of the patent, the the program checks the code sequences generated by most programs to create cheats or mods.

In addition to preventing normal users from modifying their games, this program also seeks to detect people who modify said software to cheat and gain advantages in competitive online games. A problem that has been reflected in headlines such as splash 2 where some players warned of the impossibility of liquidating their enemy.

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Nintendo Game: A patent that aims to improve the player experience

the The problem of cheating is increasingly affecting video gamesbeing one of those great rivals for good gaming experiences. And even if it’s titles like Call of Duty Is fortnite those most affected by these issues, Nintendo’s works began to be affected.

Apparently, seeing the patent of this new anti-modification program, the company intends to punish with a heavy hand those who decide to continue on the path of cheating.