Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will include new retro games


Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack

The premium subscription service Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack It has become a staple for console fans. In recent months, the company has included great advantages in this service, among which the possibility of downloading the Downloadable content from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or that of Animal Crossing, Good family paradise.

What’s New in Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

In October 2021, Nintendo announced the arrival of a new premium subscription service: Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack, whose launch was somewhat controversial due to the few advantages it offered over the basic subscription. Moreover, after the confirmation of the next eShop closing Nintendo 3DS and Wii fans were somewhat disappointed with the company.

However, Nintendo has made efforts to improve this service to satisfy its users. Until recently, this new subscription modality allowed users to enjoy a slightly wider selection of classic games, including the ability to play new titles from nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis Online.

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Following the announcement of free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC for subscribers to this new mode, Nintendo released a trailer to detail the upcoming additions of the expansion pack. Among the most striking novelties, we find retro games already announced previously like Kirby 64: Crystal Shards, Pokémon Snap and Mario Golf. Although there is no date yet for the release of this update, this reminder indicates that it will probably happen in the next few months.

Source: NintendoSoup