Nintendo Switch Sports releases a trailer with all the details of the game

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A few days ago, Nintendo shared the first images of the spocco square with the tracks where the competitions will take place. In the absence of a month for the launch of Nintendo Switch Sportsthe company decided to release a trailer detailing the most important aspects of the game inspired by the old Wii title.

Nintendo Switch Sports: all the details

The Switch Sports hub will be Spocco Plaza, where players can choose one of six sports available included in the outing: tennis, badminton, football, fencing, bowling and volleyball.

Just like in the old game for the Nintendo Wii, the mode local multiplayer This will be one of the fundamental elements on which Switch Sports will be based. However, from what we saw in the trailer, it looks like the game will also feature a online componentwhich will bring us a lot of extra fun.

In addition to online games against friends, we can also play against random users on totally exclusive modes for each sport. For example, the mode survival bowling it requires 16 players face-to-face, while football only allows matches of four players per team.

Another of the online components that the game will introduce will be a better progression system. Players will be able to improve in each sport by recording their victories and thus obtaining the possibility of accessing a professional league Composed of 12 rows. By playing online, players will be able to to obtain points unlock several customization elements for avatars such as hairstyles, body, accessories, outfits, skin color, eyes, etc.

Aside from the six sports included at launch, Nintendo has already confirmed that they won’t be the only ones. Initially it would be a free downloadable content who would understand Golf to the Switch Sports catalog, although some rumors indicate that the basketball or the Dodgeball could be next.

Source: GamingBolt