Number of episodes and release of part 2

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Spy x Family Protagonists

This weekend, the anime adaptation of the anime aired on Japanese TV. Known Spy x Family mangaone of most anticipated anime of this 2022. The first, whose animation is in charge of Wit Studio, met all expectations, becoming a greater success than expected.

Spy x Family, one of the most anticipated anime of the year

For those who don’t know, Spy x Family is a spy anime serieswhich draws a lot of inspiration from Cold War-era spy movies.

In a fictional world, the countries of Ostania and Westalis They’ve been fighting for decades cold war information and influence. In this context, the intelligence service Westalis sends its best agentnicknamed Twilight, to a secret mission, in which he must infiltrate the ranks of the National Party for the Unity of Ostania. For this mission, you must start a fake familywith the help of a skilled assassin and an orphan.

It is this last character who more love received from the publicwho filled social media with memes and fanart about him.

Spy x Family: Confirmed Episodes and Part 2 Release Date

In addition to the premiere of the first chapter, the official twitter account of the series confirmed this weekend the number of episodes that the first season will have, which will be divided into two parts and will be released on Blueray on July 20.


This season will have total of 25 episodes and of which we will see 12 in the first batch released this spring. The second part will be released in the fall of 2022 and will start from episode 13.

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