“Octo Android”, the dangerous malware that will never exist on the iPhone


“Octo Android” threatens the security of millions of mobiles!

If your device screen is black and you think it turned off, maybe the new malware “Octo Android” takes control of your mobile without you realizing it. Until now, there was no way to get hold of this intruder capable of stealing information as sensitive as bank detailsunless you use an iPhone with its more than proven armor.

From the Bleeping Computer help forum, they assure that the threat that endangers Android users dates back a few months. his power takes control of devices to carry out fraudulent attacks.

How does the Trojan work?

"octo android"the dangerous malware that will never exist on the iPhone

“Octo Android” is used to commit fraudulent attacks

After downloading and launching an infected application for the first time, the Trojan uses accessibility permissions to take control of the victim’s device, and streams live screen content to the attacker’s control center.

So turn off notifications and dim the screen completely and makes the user believe that the screen is off, while the device is idle.

At this precise moment his work begins. Copy and paste text, scroll and open applications and menus to steal highly sensitive data, such as passwords, access to banking entities and private messages, among others.

What to do if you don’t have an iPhone

Until now the only immunity against Octo is that of iPhone usersalthough there are a few caveats to consider:

* Be aware of what is installed because there is no turning back. * Keep the number of applications to a minimum. * Install apps from trusted sources, even if they are from Google Play. * Check that Play Protect is enabled and/or follow these steps:

  1. Tap your profile icon next to the search bar
  2. Choose Play to protect
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top right and make sure “Scan apps with Play Protect and improve detection of harmful apps” are activated.

Malware that makes you think

The modus operandi of “Octo Android” suggests that the device had the screen off and takes advantage of the lapse of time to steal sensitive information. In this regard, Threat cybersecurity specialists state that the Trojan already has more than 50,000 infected installations to its credit thanks to its distribution via the Play Storewhich allowed it to bypass Google Play Protect’s threat detection systems.

“Octo Android” is based on a well-known malware that performs fraud attacks on devices, making it one of the most dangerous, risky and resourceful malware because it transactions are initiated from the same device that the victim uses daily.

According to analysts “In this case, anti-fraud engines are challenged to identify fraudulent activity with far fewer suspicious indicators, compared to other types of fraud conducted through different channels.”

“Octo Android”, discovered by ThreatFabric researchers, has been identified on Google Play web pages and applications distributed in the store, including Fast Cleaner 2021 and Pocket Screencaster.

Although Apple has been immune to this threat, in recent months the company’s devices have come under threat from spyware. Pegasus Yes predatorthough the company quickly went to work to stop it.

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