One of the most classic iPhone games returns to the renewed App Store

Birds vs Pigs: The classic Angry Birds game is back with a look you’ll love.

Angry Birds has been a sensation for over a decade, it’s a very simple and addictive game. So much so that it is impossible to play a single game. For the fervent supporters of this development by the Finnish firm Rovio, there is good news. It returns to the App Store with a somewhat renewed appearance, but retaining the essence of the game. Angry Birds of always is now available for download in your favorite app store, and under model freemium. Although you have an initial payment of 99 cents, there are no additional purchases in the future.

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What changes in Angre Birds is nothing, (and it’s better)

The changes that have been applied to this game come from within, as its new Unity engine allows for an improved experience on any device. That is to say, It doesn’t matter if you download it on your iPad or iPhone and regardless of the model, you will enjoy maximum fluidity. Compatibility for iPhone is iOS 13.0 or later and for iPad requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.

“When rebuilding Angry Birds, we took great care to preserve the feel of the original game. We know our fans are a discerning bunch and will appreciate even the small differences. Matching the gameplay and how it looks alongside the original was crucial.”

So said executive producer Sami Ronkainen and it sums up what the new game is all about. Angry Birds is still the same, the one you really love, but with improved features. The removal of micropayments This is a compelling reason to download this new version, which, although it does not change excessively, is now much more attractive in every way.

already this game has accumulated millions of downloads since its launch in 2012, although as of 2019 it is no longer available. It is a very simple game to play, but it acquires degrees of difficulty as you progress through its levels. 4 types of birds, with different abilities, must destroy the green pigs that have invaded their habitats.

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No doubt this improved relaunch of the game in its classic version will encourage many to download it again from the App Store. Other releases after Rovio’s release didn’t seem to be as successful as this original which is now back in stock. It will surely reconnect with users, making them feel the same sensations as when it was launched. Angry birds is a classic that never fails. Do you dare to try again?

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