One Piece breaks a new all-time sales record

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Despite its almost 25 years of experience and with more than 1000 chapters behind him, One Piece is still relevant. A few days ago we talked about the new models of straw hats for his next film, Film Red. Now we also learn that the manga created by Eichiro Oda broke a new sales record.

According to the famous German bookstore Carlsen MangaOne Piece would have reached the 500 million copies of his sold sleeve, further cementing his reign as best-selling manga in history. But not only that, with these numbers he also became the second best-selling work of fiction of history, going beyond the saga of Harry Potter. Now One Piece is only behind the comics of Supermanwith 600 million copies sold to date.

For the moment Shueishathe company that publishes the One Piece manga, did not speak regarding this data, so for now we have to take this information with caution.

A mysterious imminent announcement

Another news that caused quite a stir this week has emerged based on a mysterious thread in Eiichiro Oda’s official team account. In this thread, which was updated in the last few days, it was revealed that something confidential will be announced soon.