One Piece Film Red Releases First Trailer With Surprising Shanks Reveal

red movie shanks

Shanks in the Film Red trailer

One Piece Movie Red It is one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2022, of which we have been receiving information in dribs and drabs in recent weeks. A few days ago it began to be published a new thread on the film’s official Twitter account, which includes a countdown which ended today.

Although nobody knew what surprise awaited us after the countdown of this thread, shortly after the introduction Jinbe confirmed the release of Film Red’s first trailer. This was posted on the film’s social media and those of its producer, Toei Animation, showing us for the first time images from the film.

Uta, Shanks’ unknown daughter

Without a doubt, the most surprising thing about this trailer was the reveal that utathe mysterious girl that we were shown in the posters, is the daughter of the very Shanks the redhead. This pirate is one of the most important characters in all of Eiichiro Oda’s work and who luffy inspired take to the sea and become the king of the pirates.

uta film red

Uta in the Film Red trailer

In the trailer we were also able to see many old anime acquaintanceslike Coby, Bartolomeo or Admiral Akainu, who will have a role in the film.

One Piece Film Rouge: Release Date

uta is a famous singer in the world of One Piece, who will find himself in the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates. so far she he hid his identity from the world, but for some reason he seems to have changed his mind. will be next August 6th when we can know the whole storysince it is the day chosen for the official debut of the film in Japan.