OnePlus 10 Pro: Spectacular Design

OnePlus has been in the shadows for a while due to its few new features and less and less interesting devices. The company is adopting a strategy that the majority of users who have closely followed the birth of OnePlus do not like. Today we have important news, because the design of the next OnePlus 10 Pro He was leaked and confirmed with a leaked case. It is still early to confirm all the details of characteristics or price, but it is possible to look to the future smartphone.

The OnePlus 10 Pro will rely on a superb camera and a curved screen

OnePlus 10 Pro

There are several renderings that have been leaked on the device. Now, a case that will be officially launched confirms that these renderings could be real or very close to the final design. The OnePlus 10 Pro I would bet on a large triple camera module attached to one of the sides. Something like Samsung did with the Galaxy S21.

The rest of the device is pretty straightforward, something normal when viewing the renderings. The rear part would be in glass and the frames in metal. The front part would house a curved screen, thin edges and a corner hole in the screen.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The design differs from previous generations, mainly due to the camera module back. The rest of the device is quite similar to the others Oneplus as well as various competing devices.

The importance of the camera module in the general design makes us think that its photographic part it will be one of the biggest incentives. The sensors seem large enough and Hasselblad will continue to have its place in the signing of the cameras.

Will the OnePlus 10 Pro be recommended?

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus has long ceased to be a business high-end cheap mobiles. Its most important devices are launched with prices of 900 and 1000 euros / dollars, so that you can no longer spend any detail to improve yourself.

Its software has deteriorated and the little local presence it has in the markets could leave the next generation somewhat forgotten. is OnePlus 10 Pro It will arrive with TOP equipment on the market, but also with one of the highest prices.

It is difficult to recommend any 1000 euros / dollars mobileEspecially when there are options for half the price that offer similar features and an almost premium high-end experience. What do you think about this OnePlus 10 Pro?